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Finding the Best Headset & Telephone for Work at Home Agents

You’ve decided to work from home as an independent or virtual agent, and now you need to find the best headset equipment to use. You’ll want it to be durable, comfortable and affordable; if you’re just starting out, you might have a limited budget to work with and need good “starter” equipment.

Many companies that offer work at home opportunities (LiveOps, Alorica at Home (formerly West At Home), American Health Connections, Sykes, Arise, Language Line and others) require a dependable headset and telephone or key pad/dial pad set-up to receive and/or make calls. These companies will have minimum equipment requirements that include:

  • Noise canceling, corded headset (not wireless or cordless)
  • Landline telephone or dial (key) pad
  • USB adapter or USB headset (sometimes needed for training or online meetings)
  • Backup equipment (additional headset and/or dial pad)


Choosing the best headset equipment can be challenging. There are so many choices and places to purchase.  It’s important that you buy equipment that’s durable that can stand up to the day-to-day use you’ll put it through. Also, choose a headset that’s comfortable. You’ll be wearing it a lot and you don’t want to be thinking about your headset while you’re working.


Comfort Telecommunications sells quality, call-center Smith Corona headset equipment, and because of their partnerships with LiveOps and other work-at-home companies, they’ve designed WAH headset packages that not only meet the requirements for your at-home call-center position, but they do it at unbeatable prices.

If you work for any of these companies below, and want to learn Agent Favmore, or the company you are working for is not listed and you’d like some expert guidance, contact Comfort Telecommunications today by filling out the form below, or clicking on any of the links above or the logos below.

AHC LOGO-100Arise     LanguageLineSykes

LiveOps   alorica@home


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