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Setting up the Perfect Work at Home Office

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If you’re a work-at-home “tele”-agent, setting up a functional home office is essential. Even before you take that first call, follow these few simple tips to make your home office a pleasant and productive environment.

When surveying your home for the best location, choose a well-lit room with plenty of space. You’ll want your office area to be quiet and free from distractions. Add a plant or two! Studies show that adding plants in the workplace help reduce stress and increase productivity.

Once you’ve settled on your work space, you’re ready to outfit it with the proper furniture and equipment. Get a dedicated phone line that will only be used for your work-at-home calls. A functional desk will have room enough for your computer, a telephone / dial pad and durable headset for receiving and making calls, and any other equipment you may need. Add a nice lamp if additional light is needed. Don’t forget to plug your electronic equipment (computer, etc.) into a surge protector to guard against damage from power surges or strikes.  And don’t underestimate the need for a comfortable chair. Invest in a good one — you’ll be glad you did!

Setting up a comfortable and productive home office is easy. Get the essentials, add your personal touches and voila! — you’ve created your own home office nirvana!


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