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Why You Need a Noise Canceling Headset

Here at Headsets for Work at Home, we often get questioned by agents about “noise canceling” headsets — what they are and what noise canceling mics actually do.  This post will address these questions and clarify why you need a noise canceling headset when you work from home.

Let’s start by explaining what a noise canceling headset is and how it works. Simply stated, a noise canceling headset features an internal mic that picks up the sound of your voice. It also features an additional internal mic that picks up the ambient noise around you and cancels most of it out so your caller hears your voice more clearly without distracting background noise.  This can be barking dogparticularly important when you’re working from home where there may be noises from pets (barking dogs), children (crying babies), or neighbors (imagine a loud truck, lawnmowers, etc).

So why do you need a noise-canceling headset for your work at home job? Many companies are adamant that their virtual agents’ home office be noise-free to ensure a professional call experience for their customers at all times.  In fact, many companies suggest setting up your home office in a separate room from the main living area, such as a spare bedroom or den, and require that their agents use a noise-canceling headset.  See this post for helpful tips: bin

If you’re searching for a good source to purchase an affordable call-center-quality, noise-canceling headset, visit any of these links for info on equipment for LiveOps, Alorica (West) at Home, Arise Virtual Solutions, American Health Connection, Sykes/Alpine Access, Convergys, Language Line, ACD Direct, and many others.


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