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The BEST Headset for Work-at-Home Agents

If you’re looking for an affordable and durable headset and telephone option for your work-at-home position, you’ll want to check out the Smith Corona Ultra noise canceling headset coupled with the Smith Corona PD100 telephone base. This combination is — hands down — the best work-at-home equipment package on the market!

The Ultra features a superior noise canceling microphone, high-product spotlightend, noise-reduction speaker(s) receiver for pure, clear hearing, and is lightweight — weighing only 65g!  The PD100 phone base takes the place of a bulky, traditional desk phone while providing all the functions of a single line telephone. Controls for mic and hearing volume guarantee you’ll find the perfect audio level for your voice and home-office environment.

You’d expect to pay well over $100 for the Ultra headset alone but you can get both the Ultra and the PD100 for $49.95 (reconditioned) and $86.99-$89.99 (new).

LiveOps and other agents can view the Ultra/PD100 bundle at here, or contact the manufacturer, Comfort Telecommunications, Inc., directly at 800-399-3224.




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